EDT & Pre-test Driving Lessons Raheny

  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
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At RSA School of Motoring the cost of our driving lessons depends on your circumstances.
For example a student will pay one price, a person in full-time employment will pay another.

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  • Congratulations Georgia Salpa!
    Georgia-Salpa-passes-her-driving-test-with-usI was so nervous...but I passed!
  • Don't Gamble On Your Driver Training
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  • Congratulations Andrew MacDonald!
    andrew-passes-the-testI passed with ease first time!
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Raheny Test Centre
(4 All Saints Park)

pass your driving test in raheny

The Finest Driving Lessons Raheny Has To Offer

It's okay...you can say the words.

"I'm going to pass my driving test"

Feels good to be positive doesn't it?

And if you decide to let us help you prepare for your driving test then you can say these words with absolute confidence.

It's a simple idea.

  • Imagine having the exact knowledge the driving tester has
  • Imagine that you know what the tester wants to see from you on the day of your test
  • Imagine you knew the exact Raheny test route you'd be brought on
  • Just imagine, with all that knowledge, how easy it would be to pass your driving test
Well you don't have to imagine all these things. We would be proud to share this exact knowledge with you and if you choose RSA School of Motoring we will.

Like you, most of our pupils that had driving tests booked at the Raheny test centre went online and searched for driving lessons Raheny or driving schools Raheny. They browsed through the many shiny websites that are out there but one stood out. It continues to stand out. You know that because you're on it right now.

But we don't stand out from our competitors because our website is nice and shiny or is full of gimmicks and awards. It's because it is full of stories of past pupils that have passed their driving tests.

Stories like Keiths.


Keith passed his test in Tallaght with us. Round of applause to Keith everyone. Here are some details of his test...this is just a small representation of the detail we go into when helping our pupils pass the test and how our past pupils feel about their experience with us.

Keiths Review

Keith passes his driving test

"I contacted RSA School of Motoring a week prior to my driving test and had 2 lessons and also a pre-test on the day of my driving test. The advice I was given and things I learned from RSA is fantastic, I was put right at ease and given great confidence for the test and needless to say I passed!!!! I would highly recommend RSA School of Motoring to anybody applying for their driving test."

Keith After His Driving Test

Keiths Test Route

Keiths Tallaght Test Route
View Keiths Google Review

We could share so many more stories like Keiths. We have helped people pass from all over the world. Our system works and it works for everyone. Even people whose first language might not be English. Something Paulina would happily confirm.


Paulina recently passed her driving test with us. Congratulations Paulina. She had previously failed the test with another driving school and was worried the same would happen again. We made sure it didn't.

Paulina's Review

Paulina passes his driving test

"I would like to say great THANK YOU to Kevin at RSA School of Motoring because I passed my driving test. My story is easy. I failed my first driving test. After that I found on the webside the phone to RSA. I ordered 4 hours of lessons with him. That four hours gave me a lot of knowledge. At first He showed me how I should to drive than I had to drive. After few minutes He knows why I did not pass my exam. He is a good observer. He fixed my mistake with excelent result. The most important is that He thorougtly explained me why I did mistake. Good news for people with basic english!!!! He is patient and He is speaking simply and clearly. I really recommend the RSA SCHOOL OF MOTORING."

View Paulinas Google Review

Paulina After Her Driving Test

Paulina New & Old Test Sheet

Paulinas new test sheet Paulinas old test sheet

Whats our secret?

When you start learning how to drive and edge your way through the EDT driving lesson syllabus you are preparing to become a safe driver. Building experience and confidence on the roads. Learning to deal with all the varied situations you might face on a day to day basis.

But the test it isn't about preparing to be a safe driver. It's about preparing for the driving test and the conditions of the test itself. Understanding what to expect and how to deal with the additional nerves and emotions that come with being in a high pressure testing environment.

The same as when you are taking any test, when done correctly, 80% of the work is completed before you even turn up.

Lets think about the following:

  • There are many difficult test routes to be taken on from Raheny Test Centre; Do you know them all?
  • Are you aware of the 4 parts to the driving test and what's involved?
  • Do you know the four part procedure that the tester needs you to demonstrate at each junction? Clue: M.S.P.O
  • Do you know how the tester speaks and profiles your driving, junction by junction?
  • Do you know how to do the maneuvers the way the tester wants them done?

It is not by chance that our pupils keep beating the driving test

We will share with you this precise knowledge of how the tester thinks and see things. We will help you simulate the real conditions of the test so that nerves don't get the better of you and help you study all of the most popular Raheny test routes students are brought on (Book with us and get the our Raheny Test Route Pack).

It sounds simple, and in many ways it is, but the reality is that it's a direct result of 25 years experience developing a training system and building a team that makes passing the driving test as easy as saying the words themselves.

As a result of this, our pass rate is unmatched and can be clearly seen from our 100% real video reviews and written testimonials. We don't need to invent reviews like you'll see from so many other schools. And we don't have to try and impress you with random business awards that having nothing to do with providing a quality lesson experience and getting you passed the test.

The proof is right here for you to see. So don't gamble on passing your driving test. Book your pretest driving lessons in Raheny with RSA School of Motoring and lets beat the driving test together.