EDT & Pre-test Driving Lessons Finglas

  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
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At RSA School of Motoring the cost of our driving lessons depends on your circumstances.
For example a student will pay one price, a person in full-time employment will pay another.

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  • Congratulations Georgia Salpa!
    Georgia-Salpa-passes-her-driving-test-with-usI was so nervous...but I passed!
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  • Congratulations Andrew MacDonald!
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Finglas Test Centre
(Jamestown Business Park)

pretest driving lessons in finglas

The Finest Driving Lessons Finglas Has To Offer

The power of positive thinking goes a long way. It doesn’t matter what facet of life it is applied to.

But a positive outlook comes from knowing you have rightly prepared and that you have all the correct knowledge. So let us assure you, do your pretest preparation with us and you will be able to say to yourself with absolute confidence...

"I'm going to pass my driving test"

How can we be so confident of this fact?

Lets imagine the following:

  • You can see and think like the driving tester does
  • That you know all the Finglas test routes and maneouvre locations
  • That you understand exactly what the tester wants to see you demonstrate during the driving test
  • That you know how to avoid all the common mistakes that people fail their driving test on

Just imagine with knowledge like this
how easy it would be to pass your driving test

Now you can imagine all you want but the reality is that most driving schools and instructors don’t have this knowledge themselves so how can they share it with you?

Well you don’t have to worry about that. By choosing the RSA School of Motoring you will get exclusive access to this knowledge of the driving test.

We understand that when you are looking to choose a driving school its easy to just go with the school that you find first or that is the cheapest.

Likely you have searched ‘driving lessons Finglas’ or ‘Pretest Lessons in Finglas’ online, perhaps something similar, and you are bombarded with a million different websites, some cheap, some with nice shiney logos and clever gimmicks and some that look very bad.

Many may stand out but there is only one thing that should really be important to you. Finding the driving school that gives you highest chance of succeeding in passing the driving test.

And the only way you can be sure of this is by hearing from the people that have been successful in passing their driving test as well. And real people not just images of people next to cars and fake testimonials.

People like Andrea.


Andrea passed her test in Tallaght with us after just a few pretest lessons. She was so nervous on the day that she even had a little cry but by the time her pretest was over she was well able for the test and she smashed it. Well done Andrea!

Andreas Review

Andrea passes his driving test

"I recently passed my driving test. I did a pretest the morning of the test and RSA School of Motoring really helped me! Reminded me of key things to remember threw out the exam! I had had a rough morning with my car not turning on and the guys really settled my nerves and reminded me what I needed to do to pass! I would 100% recommended the guys to any of my friends who will take the driving test in the future to use RSA School of Motoring."

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Andrea After Her Driving Test

Andreas Certificate of Competency

Andreas certificate of competency

Andreas story is a great one. We love helping people pass their test...and we would love to do the same thing for you so that you could share your story with others in the future.

There are many more stories just like Andreas. We have helped so many people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Our system has been developed, tried and tested for over 25 years and it works for everyone. In particular we have had great success helping people whose first language isn’t English.

For example meet Paulina


Paulina recently passed her driving test with us. Congratulations Paulina. She had previously failed the test with another driving school and was worried the same would happen again. We made sure it didn't.

Paulina's Review

Paulina passes his driving test

"I would like to say great THANK YOU to Kevin at RSA School of Motoring because I passed my driving test. My story is easy. I failed my first driving test. After that I found on the webside the phone to RSA. I ordered 4 hours of lessons with him. That four hours gave me a lot of knowledge. At first He showed me how I should to drive than I had to drive. After few minutes He knows why I did not pass my exam. He is a good observer. He fixed my mistake with excelent result. The most important is that He thorougtly explained me why I did mistake. Good news for people with basic english!!!! He is patient and He is speaking simply and clearly. I really recommend the RSA SCHOOL OF MOTORING."

View Paulinas Google Review

Paulina After Her Driving Test

Paulina New & Old Test Sheet

Paulinas new test sheet Paulinas old test sheet

Our system and how we do things

There is a big difference between learning how to drive safely and learning how to pass the driving test. When you first start learning to drive you have to learn how to become a safe driver and build up experience on the road. You have to expose yourself to different road conditions and practice dealing with specific situations. The is what the Essential Driver Training or EDT syllabus is all about.

Preparing for the test is much different. It’s not about driving safely. You should already be doing this. It’s about getting educated on what to expect from the test. Its about exposing yourself to driving test conditions and understanding how you will be observed and judged during your test drive. Knowing exactly what is going to happen, knowing exactly how to deal with your nerves, knowing exactly how the tester thinks, see things and how they will talk to you.

The key to success in any test situation is preparation and it’s commonly said that 80% of this preparation is done before you even turn up for a test.

For example:

  • There are many different and difficult test routes that the tester could take you on during your Finglas driving test. Learning these can only be the result of adequate practice before the test.
  • The driving test itself is broken into 4 key parts. Understanding these parts and the sequence of them will give you a huge advantage with the driving test.
  • The tester wants to see you do things are certain way. If you study what the tester is looking for and use our procedural templates for each stage of the test then your chances of success improve exponentially.
  • Having an expectation of how the tester is going to act and speak to you will better enable you to perform at your best during your test.
In order to benefit from any of the above means you have to get the most accurate information and practice simulating the conditions of the test. All of this must be done in plenty of time before the test. You can not leave this to chance.

Pupils that take our pretest driving lessons
consistently pass first time

Thats because when the take pretest driving lessons with us the get exclusive access to this exact knowledge that we have been talking about. Our pretest preparation simulates actually what you will be exposed to during the driving test. How the tester will talk to you. Which test routes you will be brought on. What the tester wants to see from you and how they see things.

Armed with this knowledge and practicing in this way best prepares you for the stressful conditions of the test and helps ensure your nerves do not get the better of you.

Im sure you are reading this and thinking to yourself that it sounds so easy. In reality our approach is the culmination of 25 years in the business evolving a coaching system and training an expert team of driving instructors that make passing the driving test as simple as saying 1, 2, 3...

Obviously our approach leaves all of our pupils passing their test with ease but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We have collected 100’s of 100% real written and video reviews and testimonials just like the ones you have already seen. If you have been shopping around we’re sure you have seen reviews on other driving school sites that look questionable but you can trust that everyone of our reviews is 100% real and verifiable.

Don’t leave passing your driving test to the will of the Gods. The proof as they say is in the pudding so call us now for a consultation or book your Finglas pretest driving lessons online right now and let us share with you the secrets to passing the driving test.