• student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
RSA School of Motoring Phone 01 9023100
  • "If RSA School of Motoring can teach me to drive.....they can teach you!"
  • "My instructor instilled in me a confidence I didn't know I had"
  • "I did my EDT course fast and passed my driving test first time!"
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  • Congratulations Georgia Salpa!
    Georgia-Salpa-passes-her-driving-test-with-usI was so nervous...but I passed!
  • Don't Gamble On Your Driver Training
    rsa-school-of-motoring-carChoose the RSA School of Motoring
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  • Congratulations Andrew MacDonald!
    andrew-passes-the-testI passed with ease first time!
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Getting a learner permit

Getting started
national drivers license service

From Tuesday, October 29th 2013, The NDLS will take over the service of processing from the Motor Tax Office. Until October 25th 2013, you may continue to apply for your driving license or driver permit at you local Motor Tax office.

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What is the EDT?

Essential Driver Training
essential driver training

The following information is vital so please treat what you read with the utmost respect as it is a fact. It's a sad fact, but young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash than other road users. That's...

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Preparing for the test

the driving test
student sitting the driving test

It's simple... we have an astonishing ability to take you through the driving test doors and out the other side with a PASS. People like Kieth for example who...

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RSA School of Motoring - Providing the finest Driving Lessons Dublin has to offer

Congratulations on making the decision to help yourself or someone else learn to drive

Having made the decision to learn to drive, the next biggest problem you have is which Dublin driving school you should choose to take your driving lessons.

Like many before you, you've likely searched 'Best driving schools in Dublin' or 'Driving Lessons Dublin' on Google and have been bombarded with more driving schools than you can count. They all proclaim to be the best but trying to figure out which website to trust and which to avoid is no easy task.

Georgia Salpa chooses the RSA School of MotoringGeorgia Salpa passes with RSA School of MotoringIf they can get me through the test, they can get anyone through :)


There is of course an easier way to make your decision.

We believe that the only real way to make a choice is by listening to the testimonials and reviews shared by the successful students that have passed their driving test. We are proud of our track record and everyone of the students that have passed with us.


Want to pass your driving test?
We take it personally

student passes the driving test 6

After having a poor experience with another school I finally found the right instructor for me. I really felt he cared about my success.

Anna, Tallaght
student passes the driving test 14

My instructor was the best. In just 3 lessons I went from having no confidence to driving through town with no stress. I cant recommend them more.

Stevie, Finglas
student passes the driving test 22

A friend recommended RSA after he passed first time. Now I've passed first time as well. I can't believe it. My instructor was just brilliant.

Nessa, Rathgar


Keith passed his test in Tallaght with us. Round of applause to Keith everyone. Here are some details of his test...this is just a small representation of the detail we go into when helping our pupils pass the test and how our past pupils feel about their experience with us.

Keiths Review

Keith passes his driving test

"I contacted RSA School of Motoring a week prior to my driving test and had 2 lessons and also a pre-test on the day of my driving test. The advice I was given and things I learned from RSA is fantastic, I was put right at ease and given great confidence for the test and needless to say I passed!!!! I would highly recommend RSA School of Motoring to anybody applying for their driving test."

Keith After His Driving Test

Keiths Test Route

Keiths Tallaght Test Route
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Leah passed her driving test with an almost clean sheet. Leah came to us after we helped her sister passed the test with us last year!

Leah's Review

Leah passes her minibus driving test

"I contacted RSA School of motoring 4 weeks before my test and had 4 lessons, including one on the day of my test. I heard about them through my sister, who after 2 failed attempts thought she would never pass her test. She found RSA School of motoring and after two lessons she passed her test in Tallaght without a problem. I was very nervous about doing my test and thought there was no chance I would pass but after just a few lessons, I became a much more competent and confident driver. I was taught how to correct any issues & bad habits that I had very quickly and I received excellent advice on passing the test. On the day of my driving test, I could not have felt more prepared and it paid off because I passed! In my opinion, RSA School of motoring made me a much better and capable driver and I would highly recommend them to anyone applying to do there driving test and wants to pass quickly."

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Leah After Her Driving Test

Leah's Certificate of Compentency

Leahs certificate of competency

Our Services and The Benefits of Choosing Us


Have you enjoyed your driving lesson experience with RSA School of Motoring?

Google Places Listing

We would love to hear from you. So would others looking to choose a Driving School in Dublin. Why not leave a review about your experience on our Google place page and see what others have been saying as well

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Manual & Automatic Lessons

Is gear changing stressing you out? No problem you can start or switch to automatic at any time.

Free Pick up & Drop off

We can start and finish lessons at your home, school, university or workplace.

Essential Driver Training

Most people have to complete the Road Safety Authority'sRoad Safety Authority's Essential Driver Training Syllabus. We can help you get your EDT lessons done fast so that you can progress to passing the test. Please keep in mind you must have held your provisional for at least 6 months before you can apply for the driving test.

Custom Gift Vouchers

We have unique driving lesson gift vouchers for sale that you can customise online with a personal message and to suit your own budget.

Pretest Specialists

We take your driving test success personally. We help you pass the test by pushing you to understand how the tester will think and see things on the day. We take remedial action focusing purely on the aspects of your driving that will hamper your chances of test success. We don't waste time on aspects of your driving that don't need refinement. This ensures you get the most benefit out of your time on lesson.

Motorway Driving Lessons

It is an incredible fact that the EDT syllabus or the driving test itself doesn't prepare you for Motorway driving. Driving on Motorways is completely different than driving on our normal road ways and we are often contacted by drivers that want to do Motorway driver training. That's why we have created our own unique motorway driving course. Not only that, if you complete your 12 EDT syllabus with us and pass your driving test we will provide you with a motorway driving lesson FREE!

Male & Female Instructors

We have an army of instructors all over Dublin. If you want a female instructor we have one. If you want to change instructors at any stage, you can.

Free Driving Test Routes

Sign up for 5 or more lessons with us and get our driving test route packs worth €27 for FREE