• student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
  • student that passed the driving test 
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As seen in the tabloids


As a full time instructor you’re either busy teaching people to drive and making money

….or you’re not!

And if you’re the latter, you’re probably becoming increasingly more anxious and stressed about what the future holds for you as a driving instructor...

We want to expose a sad truth.

That after huge expense and time in following an ambition to become a driving instructor, becoming your own boss and working the hours that you want to work, driving instructors new and old are struggling to get the consistent level of work needed to run a successful business.


In these modern times running a business is all about marketing.

Times are changing faster than ever. More people than ever are going online to find solutions to their problems and this is no less true for people looking for a driving instructor.

Whether it is on Google, Facebook or Twitter...change is occurring so fast that to keep up you are forever having to learn something new.

Let us paint you a picture

driving instructor partnerJim here is a great driving instructor but when it comes to connecting with potential students he's failing. He has a website. He thinks it's great.

But it doesn't rank on Google. He tried paying a web marketing company €500/month to rank it but after 3 months he didn't see any results and stopped the service.

He then tried the Google Adwords program. He spent over €500 a month on Adwords and got plenty of clicks to his website but not enough people called him and more often than not when they did, he missed the call because he was teaching.

Jim is now constantly stressed out about money and it's beginning to effect relationships with his family and friends.

Marketing a business is tough. It’s a full time job all on it's own and the reality is driving instructors need to focus on their core business.

You need to be teaching people to drive and pass the test and have someone else handle all the other stuff.

It’s time to make a change and take action!

It's time to let RSA School of Motoring help turn your driving school into the thriving business it deserves to be…

Sounds great...right?

Also sounds to good to be true...

That was the first thing that Tony Garvey said after years working with ISM and being at the wrong end of a franchise model that simply didn’t stack up.

 “I had been with ISM for years. The reality was that it was costing me money to be with them. I was getting no work and paying a franchise fee every week.

When RSA School of Motoring contacted me I was naturally unsure after my experience with ISM but I needed to change something and I could not drum up enough work myself no matter what I tried. I decided to hear them out.

They had a number of different partner options, one of which was a subcontracting model where they allocate students to my online diary and I log the hours I complete and submit them at the end of the week.

Obviously sharing a percentage of what I would normally make per hour gave me doubts but I figured I’d rather be out getting 70-80% of something than 100% of nothing.

And considering I don’t have to spend a cent on marketing and endless hours networking to get work, I found the hourly rate is more than fair and I get paid fast.

It was a huge relief to be in a partnership where I was making money rather than handing it over and it really suited me as I had my own students and just needed that extra security of filling the gaps in my work week.

What has been fantastic is that my own student base has grown from the referral work of all the students RSA School of Motoring has sent me. It has helped me grow my business and has meant I could finish building my house and take the wife out for fancy dinners again.

Partnering with RSA School of Motoring has been the best business decision I’ve ever made.”

When we started out we knew instructors we’re struggling to get work.

Even the Road Safety Authority knew there were problems. This is a statement from the RSA website…

“The RSA strongly advises anyone considering training to become an ADI to undertake some research of the potential market in their location and to satisfy themselves that there is a viable market for them. In the current economic conditions with reduced migration into Ireland and increased emigration there is a significant reduction in demand for driving instruction. The market is well supplied with Approved Driving Instructors.”

The market is saturated which means all instructors are fighting against each other for work.

Having come from a sales and marketing background we also knew that it was getting increasingly harder than ever for independent instructors to fulfill their teaching work and then market themselves once they get home...its just too much for one man or woman…

As Ger Bonass knows all too well.

“I originally trained with Airport Driving School which cost an arm and a leg but I figured it was worth it as they promised me a ton of work once I qualified.

Once I did was getting paid €13/hour but was lucky to get 5 hours of work a week. I just couldn’t make ends meet.

I decided to go out on my own. I got a website done up. Got on Facebook. Did everything I could think of. I even did one of those Groupon deals which nearly bankrupt me.

It was just too hard to make it work and teach the students I was drumming up from the word of mouth of friends and family.

I wanted to run my own business but I didn’t want to work on my own anymore. I started looking at other ways I could do things and saw RSA School of Motoring we’re looking for partners so I gave them a call.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went in to meet the team. They were really professional and friendly and everything about them felt genuine.

Their partner options were also the best I’d seen. Far better than Airport Driving School and knowing what it must cost and the expertise needed to generate the volumes of work they do it was a no-brainer for me.

I also found their online reputation really appealing. I could tell they looked after their students.

I went on their no obligation trial. Since then my diary has been full and I haven’t looked back.”

We take great pride in helping our instructor partners grow their businesses.

We also know we have the most sustainable partner options in the business…

We recognise the plight of all independent driving instructors. We know that every driving instructor is different and has different needs which is why we have developed a range of support services and models to help instructors grow their business their way.

And today is your chance to fill one of our limited instructor partner slots.

We currently have 1 available slot in the North and South of Dublin.

So if you have had enough of struggling on your own to grow your business...

If your are tired of feeling afraid and stressed about where your next pupil will come from…

then STOP!

Stop feeling tired and stressed out and contact us today for a no-obligation consultation...

Its that simple! Don't miss your chance...call now...

Here’s to your success....Speak to you soon.